7 Instagram Secrets you don’t know about

Social media has become very popular nowadays. There are multiple sites where you can post your picture status videos and do many more things. And Instagram is one of the second largest social network site.

The most recent research on social sites says that Facebook is the first largest social network media with over 1.5 billion users. Instagram, after being owned by Facebook, it has become a second largest social networking sites with 400 million users.

As per the study

The number users has become raises in past six months. Same like other big technological applications, this app is also included. In the past few years, the giant social network Facebook bought the technology for $1 billion and since that time it is amplifying. At present, Instagram is quickly and firmly rising as one of the most popular merchandising and social networking sites all around. This has become a label for advanced and innovative passage to connect with the people of your life. Many of the lifestyle, fashion and jewelry companies are spending a lot of money on posting their products on instagram’s famous users post and in the advertisements of their products. It was reported; Advertisers spent more than 138 percent on Instagram. In the past six months, till December 2016, over 100 million extra members has joined this site and it is flourishing with its total membership to 600 million people. Due to its ever increasing popularity, it has been a place where innovation has a played an important role as the services that has to offer. Instagram is so extensive these days that it comes with many secrets that are unknown to common people. You can know about few of the secrets here that will enable you to experience a better instagramming session.

  • View your photos on a map
  • Make your account private
  • Change the layout of photos
  • Create hyper lapses and Boomerangs
  • Embed your Instagram pics on the web
  • Tag people in your pics
  • See all the posts you’ve liked
  • Clear your search history
  • Rearrange the order of your filters
  • Get notifications when your favorite accounts post new content
  • See activity for the accounts you follow
  • Add and manage multiple accounts
  • Pin your post to Pinterest
  • Delete comments
  • Filter comments based on keywords
  • Save posts where only you can see them
  • Zoom in on details
  • Hide photos you’ve been tagged in
  • Add line breaks in your bio to make it stand out
  • Put a link in your bio to drive traffic
  • Switch to a business profile to run ads and get analytics
  • Edit a photo using Instagram without sharing it
  • Apply more than one filter to your photo
  • Make your captions more readable with line breaks
  • Remove photos that is not good for your profile and you don’t want to be tagged on

The photos over instagram can be made more lively and interesting than ever with the use of updated and innovative filters. Because there are a lot of users of Instagram, there are too many provocations also. You can tap on the picture twice to like it. Instagram has also has a save button. Using this button you can save the post. All these secrets will let you have an experience you cannot miss out on.

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