Some of the Twitter Secrets you don’t know about

Twitting is another way to get in touch with the social media around the world. It is not only used by the common man, but there are many notable people are present on the Twitter. Hence understanding the unique and amazing Twitter secrets is worthy.

With the help of these secrets, you can not only get access to the different features of the Twitter, but you can make your twitting experience amazing and fruitful. For the people who do not like using Twitter or find it boring, won’t be able to, once they have known about these amazing facts about this social media site.
One can take a look at the points elaborated below so that they can realize how much awesome this social site can be for you people to use:

1.Scheduling your tweets

Yes, you can schedule your tweet for sometime later so that you can not only sit back and relax when the right time comes. You can make the post before the time it should be displayed and then schedule it for that particular time.

2.The keyboard shortcuts of twitter

For the people who love to use the keyboard and don’t like to play with the mouse, Twitter has some amazing keyboard shortcut that allows them to tweet. Some of the examples of these shortcuts are:
• N can be used to make the new tweet,
• T can be utilized for retweet
• R can be used for replying the tweet,
• F can be utilized for marking the tweet favorite

3.Embedding your tweets on websites

Embedding your text on certain website and blog allow you to link that text source with that internet site. You can embed your tweet with the certain blog or website, and by clicking on that tweet, the users who have logged into Twitter can send a response to the tweet and also check out your other tweets as well.

4.Filtered search and lists

With the help of the filtered search, you can filter the tweet, look for the people to follow under a certain category and you can also take a look at your followers with the help of the advanced searched options. Listing and Grouping are the another application of the filtered search.

5.Permanent pin of your tweet on your profile

You can choose your best tweet and permanently pin it on the top of your tweeter account unless you want the post to be taken down. As long as it is pinned on the top, you can see it on the top of your profile just like another visitor of your profile.

6.One email and multiple accounts

Yes, on this social media site, you can use only one email to open the different twitter accounts without any problem. The trick is simple you need to add this as your email accounts while you are making the account: Yes, this and the username is the actual email, and that anything allows you to have the multiple accounts.