There are many different Facebook secrets that you had no idea about are present that will not only help you in enjoying the Facebook but also assist you in securing your account.

Facebook is not all about getting social, but with the support of Facebook you can also share files, different posts and make sure that your account remains secure and safe. Once you have come in the world of the social media, there is no need to worry about the security as Facebook have given you tons of opportunities to be safe and relaxed over the internet.
In this piece of writing, we are trying to let you know how you can share your feelings without having a status update, how you can make sure that your account is safe and how you can get access to the data you never thought existed.
One can take a look at the points that have been stated below so that they can get access to the simplest Facebook secrets thy never knew existed:

1.The cute Emoji

There are different emojis available that allow you to share your feelings but do you have an idea that these emojis can be made by you without even tapping them? Well, some of the examples of such art are (y), (^^^),:|], :poop:, <(“) and much more other symbols are there that let you have the cutest emojis without even searching them from the different emojis available in your messenger.

2.Message request

You all must have known about the messages from your friends but do you know where the messages from the strangers are? Well everyone is eligible to send you a massage once you are an adult or 18+ on the Facebook but the message that you can open are the message from your friends. However, the massage from the strangers is added in the ‘Message request’ that is on the right side when you open your messenger. Once you approve the request only then you can to talk to that person.

3.Login alerts and login approval

On Facebook you can check from where you have last logged in, you can see if someone else has logged into your account and you can also have the notification either on your mobile or via email when the account has logged in from a new device and new location. Moreover, you can even get a security code with every login so that you can secure your account.

4.Trusted friends and Legacy Contact

Well, these two contacts have a lot to do with your privacy. In the case your account has been locked down, there trusted contact and friends would allow you to have access to your account. Legacy contact is the contact that can access your account in the case anything has happened to you. These two methods allow you to have safe and secure working on Facebook.

5.Finally, the new and cool Facebook notes

Yes, now you can make the new update with the help of the Facebook notes that ensure that you update look super cool and unique. It provides you with the notebook that not only allows you to have customized post but also you can make the update as big as you want.

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