Some of the Snapchat Secrets you don’t know about

Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in the list of popular social media platforms. Taking pictures quickly and sharing them with the world has never been so easy. One of the amazing platforms to share your life events instantly and also maintains the privacy of your updates.

There are so many hidden secrets of Snapchat. Some of them are listed below:

  • You can change the main display numbers on your basis and choice which saves you from the unnecessary trouble caused.
  • Also save your data from travel mode
  • Make Hilarious Selfies with Cool Lenses
  • Trick to Change Default Back Camera to Front Camera
  • Replay a Snap
  • Front Facing Flash
  • Add New Friends without Their Contact Information
  • To Set up Two-Step Verification
  • To Blow up Snap chat Emoji Characters
  • Also check who watched you’re snaps!

1.Include more text space in your Snaps

You do not need any progressive budget for Snapchat to bring things for yourself. Also there is no need for a decorative extravagant lights, neither has you wanted to travel miles in search of the right network for you video shooting. Easily this can be done from wherever you are and however you are. And this is the one of the best concern. It is located between the most agonistically sites. The reason for this is that people have everything to share matter on Snapchat. However, the matter that the people share at snapchat is at high risk of losing the originality of the post, if in case there are any so.

2.Use unique filters that other users cannot find and stand out

Because snapchat is an online social networking site, so there are no two ways for your stuff/matter that you share with more people. Some of the sections are always unique here within the users and includes online classes and some personal sharing stuffs.

3.Personalize customer service using video chat

Like all other social networking sites Snapchat is also a disreputable social media site with limitations and includes a moderate number of filters and colors. Once a user have a perfect picture which he/she think is just one filter away from excellence, then the user can apply filters here with an emoji and a color that he/she wish to add to the photo. Like it to spread in the form and voice. This is novelty for you.


There is this famous saying that “Need is the mother of invention”. Obstruction to blowing on the Snapchat has increased rapidly due to obstacles on search and created a certainty that only took a short span of business to revolve in the surrounding. As a result, businesses login to their respective Snapchat accounts and its existence shines with a lot of users.

5.All the cool features of Snapchat

In any applications, which has limited number of user access, and to encourage people for their innovative ideas as a snap chat, where people can get all the possible help.

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