How to download and install Recuva safely?

Recuva is an app designed to restore or recover deleted files from your computer hard drives and any other storage devices.


What is Recuva?

The app is developed for personal use and specifically useful when you delete a file accidentally, or when the windows are not able to read a storage device, but the files on the storage device remain unharmed.

Recuva is a free software package that means you can use the core functions and the program is absolutely free to use. However, the premium “Pro” version is not free to use, you have to buy at a certain amount that includes additional features. Here, the free version of Recuva includes the same recovery technology similar to the ‘Pro’ version. So, even free version offers amazing features that are appropriate for many users.  The ‘Pro’ version includes extra features like precedence customer support and virtual hard-drive support.

Is Recuva safe? The Recuva software is absolutely safe to use and own, and it has been separately confirmed to add no adware, spyware, and any other malevolent threats.

The Recuva application will scan a storage or drive device and recognize as many deleted files as it can, and also be giving a sign of whether the file can be repaired or recovered. However, there are some restriction to this and if you use the application as soon as you delete the files, then you are sure to get a success and able to retrieve most of the deleted files.

Recuva is a program that helps the users to get their files that are deleted accidentally or lost at the time of the system crash. Recuva is available to download for free from its official website.

How to download and install Recuva ?

To download the Recuva application, go to the Recuva Download Page. Here, press the download button form the official link that is available for free, it’s an edition of the Recuva software.  Once you press the download key, it will start downloading automatically.  If it does not download automatically, then press on the download link to download the app.

Now, to start the IW (Installation Wizard), run download file. Now, press the ‘yes’ button in UAC (user account control) window if one emerges. Now, to continue, click on the ‘ok’ button. To install language, press the next button to continue.

Setup Wizard: Press the “I Agree” key to continue, also choose the install options and press the button to start the installation.

Install Options: You can choose your selected finishing options and press on the finish key to complete the entire installation. Now, the application is installed on your computer.

Can Recuva recover files from a USB stick?

Along with the retrieving files from the hard drive, the app is also capable enough to restore files from digital camera memory cards, USB sticks, and various MP3, players like iPods.