Clash of Clans secrets

Clash of Clans or COC as it is popularly known amongst the gamers is a highly popular mobile game that allows several players to compete together. Each player is required to build a ‘base’, develop troops and other defense mechanisms, raid the bases of other players while ensuring that one’s own base is kept secured by the defense mechanisms that one has deployed. The main aim is to collect (or loot) as much resources (elixir, coins, and trophies) from the bases that one attacks and improve one’s inventory for better building protection and attack mechanisms.

Though the game may seem to be very simple from the overview, yet in reality, it isn’t that simple. In order to ensure that you play the game to its full potential, you need to strategize every step from the very beginning. This will help you gain more resources and also win raids so that you can upgrade your own inventory very easily. That is exactly why we have come up with a list of valuable tips that can help any player excel at Clash of Clans.


Tips to be the best on the leaderboard

Save your gems

At the very start of the game, each player is provided with a limited number of gems that can be used to buy a variety of items, upgrade various buildings of your base and also reduce the timers that are associated with the various processes in progress. However, since the number of gems offered to you for free in the game is limited, you need to save your gems and spend them wisely. Never ever use them on the timers; you need to wait till the timer runs out. Instead, use the gems for important things like upgrading your builders hut. Try to complete as many achievements as possible so as to stock up on your gems. Once you have a good pile of gems with you, you can use them to buy other resources as per your needs.

Build a good base

Since you have to protect your resources from being looted by other players, you need to build a base that will be able to fight back attacks from other players. That is why your base needs to well equipped with the best defense mechanisms available (or possible) for your particular level. Not only that, all defense mechanisms should be strategically placed so that one can cover up for the other and is capable of defeating the enemy even before they make much progress.

Layer your base well

Another defense technique that you need to deploy is to layer your base with strong defensive walls. Try to build multiple layers of wall around your base or you could also go for small compartments inside the main perimeter. Be sure that your most important buildings are placed inside the compartments and the walls are upgraded as much as possible. This will stall the enemy’s progress and give your fighters more time tear the enemy apart even before they can start looting.