How to download and install Chrome safely

Want to download and install Google Chrome without risk to the safety of your device?
Follow these few steps and it will be easy

What is Chrome ?

Chrome is a free web browser, very popular and effective, you are more than 40% using it to browse the internet. In many countries, Chrome is used as the most trusted browser. This browser is suitable for windows, Mac and Linux operating system.

How to download Chrome ?

Downloading Google Chrome is very easy and simple process. It can be downloaded for free. However downloading Chrome for desktop or android is not similar.

Here are the simple steps to download Chrome in your computer


  • Click on “download Chrome”
    install chrome
  • Click “Accept and install”
  • Click the downloaded file “ChromeSetup.exe”
    launch chrome
  • A security message will appear, click on “run”
  • Wait a few minutes…and you’re done, chrome is installed !

Chrome for mobile:

In order to install Google Chrome web browser in your mobile you need to go to the ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store’ and search for Google Chrome. After that you simply tap the install button.
It requires your permission to download.
After getting the permission, download gets started. When downloading is completed, click the open button to work on it.

Be secured:

One should be very careful while working on internet. Hence to be safe and secured, always install the latest version of Chrome.