Youtube secrets you don’t know

The video platform YouTube has become in ten years one of the five most frequented websites, the site has more than one billion users worldwide.
There are many k secrets that you had no idea about are present that will not only help you in enjoying the Youtube but also assist you in securing your account.

Create a GIF from a video

You can simply create a GIF file from a video hosted by YouTube.
  • Add the term GIF at the beginning of your video URL
  • You should get something like (where xxxx is the ID of your video)
  • You are instantly redirected to the YouTube GIF creation tool
  • Select the interval you want to convert to GIF
  • If necessary, add subtitles (an option to the left of the interface and accessible via the Caption button)
  • Validate and it’s over

youtube gif

Delete history

Want to avoid indiscretions on your YouTube account? To delete your recently played videos from your history, follow these steps:
  • Click on the small button symbolized by three strokes at the top left
  • Select History
  • You can delete the videos viewed by clicking on the cross next to each one
  • You can also delete all at once by pressing the Clear All History button
  • If you no longer want YouTube to record a log of all the videos you watch, press the Disable History button
  • This same space also gives you the means to erase the history of searches launched on YouTube, or even permanently disable it

Access the “YouTube TV” interface

        On a connected TV screen, YouTube appears in a different interface than the computer version. More ergonomic, and easier to use.

youtube tv

It can be accessed from its PC or Mac, simply go to from your browser.


Disable similar content

To encapsulate a video in a web page, simply retrieve the code accessible from the Share> Embed function. You should then retrieve a code like <iframe width = “560” height = “315” = src = “https: // …> </ iframe>.
But you can go even further, offering a video without any suggestion on the page displayed. To do this, simply add the code? Rel = 0 to the end of the address of your video.

Search only in video titles

When you type a query into the YouTube search engine, it is made on all possible information(title, tags and other keywords, description).
The command “allintitle:” lets you look for only expressions in video titles. Similarly, putting a word between quotation marks makes it possible to retain a term in its exact spelling, while the operator “-” makes it possible to exclude certain terms.

allintitle youtube

Share a video from a specific time

However, sharing videos on YouTube imposes a constraint: each video shared in this way will start at the beginning, even if the video is very long. However, it is possible to share a video by deciding where exactly it will start. A simple right click on the image of the video makes it possible to decide the second precise to which a shared video will start.

Editing your video with YouTube

YouTube has recently introduced a very handy editing tool that allows you to add simple effects and transitions to your videos. It is available when sending video, but is also accessible via the address It is not to be neglected, since it allows to obtain a simple assembly in a few clicks.

youtube editor

Add notes, messages and subtitles

You can add notes and subtitles to your YouTube videos. They allow you to add a comment, a clickable link, or just subtitle a passage in another language. These options are available when editing a video. For the latter case, you should know that YouTube accepts most of the most common subtitle files, and integrates them directly with the video, but also allows you to automatically add subtitles.

The essential keyboard shortcuts

The YouTube video player allows you to use many shortcuts on the keyboard. So if it is known that the spacebar is used to pause the video, this is far from the only trick to know. For example, the keys 1 to 9 of the keyboard allow you to navigate from 10% to 90% of the video, while the J and L keys move forward or backward in the video, while the K key pause. Finally, the F key switches to full screen mode, and the escape key is used to exit this mode.