Why do you need Antivirus ?


What is computer virus?

Computer viruses is very famous thesaurus that can cause a lot of harm to your machine. Multiple types of viruses  are there that can cause your devices and each one has capability to accord your computer system in every possible way.

Almost all the time users get these viruses by downloading files which are wrongly presented within an email scam, or by scrolling on a non-authentic website. There are lot of tricky hackers who are creating tricky hacks and virus everyday on scamming sites from where you may download the corrupt files while visiting those sites. These viruses could come via email messages sending by friends, colleagues and by some unknown sender.

Need of Antivirus:

Once the virus have detected in your computer, it gets slower. And your computer or devices can slow down after detecting viruses in your machine; and you may need to format all your critical and important personal files and images. In other worst case, it can also cause physical damage to your computer. Once a virus get detected in your system, this can cost you more than thousand bucks to replace your computer and you may also lose your very critical/important documents and photos. It is very risky. A hacker can use you’re your important information from your system. This could be related to your bank transactions, funds, personal pictures, video clips, credit card details or any other purchase details that is related to your money. To secure your data with all these information you need to get an antivirus installed in your device. This is the reason that antivirus is a vital to use in all the IT organization, even at all the places where we use computer systems.

Device where it can be used

Nowadays in mobile phones also we use antivirus to protect from the bugs and to secure our data. To protect your data from viruses, your computer to be ruined and the files to be deleted; you need to have an antivirus for your device, computer system and phones. As the name says “Anti-Virus”, it is a security solution for your network data. It does not only detect the viruses in your device but also covers all the security needs of your network. Device connection of corporate computers can be blocked by using antiviruses. Also it prevents online tools and running programs, monitor the use of the internet and protect your emails. Antivirus also prevent your device from unnecessary downloading, cookies and create rules and protocols for blocking. By using antivirus you can also cross check all the security tools for your network and computers.

Stay Protected

With raising technology crime has also raise up to higher level and there are many cases that we heard on cybercrime. What you need to ensure here that your device is protected and do not share your password with anyone. You should give access to your device only to the person whom you trust on. In most of the organization electronic signature has come in function. And this was also started from security point of view.

How much does it cost to have an Anti-Virus?

There are multiple types of Antiviruses in the market which are also pocket friendly. There use is very simple; you just need to install the antiviruses in your machine and then you can start your work. Different types of antiviruses comes with different features and validity. Once it get expire, you can renew or install a new antivirus in your device. Before expiration you will get the notification or if in case any viruses detected in your machine while attaching any pen drive or connection with some other device, instantly you will the popup of virus detection. So every time after connecting with other device or pen drive you need to check your antivirus to protect your device and prevent your data from thread.