My Talking Tom secrets

Talking Tom is really a renowned game in the world. This game has really evolved and this has been one of the best time pass games that you can play on an iOS, Windows and Android devices. This is nothing but a pet game. You will have to adopt a kitten and then watch him grow day by day as you help him to thrive in his life. Name your kitten, dress him the way you like, design his homes, play with him and take care of your kitten as if he is real. It will turn out to be a lot of work, if you think it and this is why you will need to use some of the tips and tricks that might come handy in this journey.

  1. Use the time lapse to take good care of your virtual pet

You can use the time lapse benefits to your good use. All you need to do is, set your tablet or phone timer ahead of the real time and this will do the trick. In case you have lost lives, you can regain them or this can be used to complete certain tasks as well. It’s a kind of a cheat, but it works so fine that you don’t have to worry about losing the progress either. Just set the time to normal and refresh the game. It will be back to normal. With this method, you can also earn a lot of coins in no time at all.

  1. Leveling up your pet quickly

With the use of the time lapse you can certainly gain a lot of coins and thus you can level up your pet cat very quickly as well. Once your cat reaches higher levels, you will get access to different items and that will increase your motivation and the game speed as well.

  1. Earn extra coins from the Mini-Games

In this game, you get to play the mini games as well. All these games are very easy to play and they all give you an extra opportunity to earn some extra coin as and when you need. The one game is very famous amongst them and in that, you will have to use a hammer to hit mice. This game can earn you a lot more coin and this one is certainly the easiest of the games to play for sure.

  1. Wake up your cat early

Although the permissible amount of sleep for a cat is really high and in this game the recommendation is likely to be at least 70% of energy level before you can wake him up, but technically you can wake up your cat at 25% and even though he will look a bit tired, still you will be able to play games and enjoy time with him. In this case, the time lapse won’t work so do not try that one.

  1. Whack-A-Mouse

This is the best game you can play to earn coin really. In this game, you will need to whack the mouse or rather mice. With the increment of speed, the mice will change, but you will have to stay focused so that you don’t lose control over the game.

So, that is all that you can do to progress quickly and fast in the game. Work hard and your kitten will be grown cat very soon.

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