How to Download and Install GIMP Safely?

GIMP is an image manipulation program app designed to provide a variety of functions shared with a simple and insightful interface.  It is available to the individuals who are just opening with digital art and something to offer for more qualified users.

GIMP is available for free to download.  It has the advantage over the common art software industry like Photoshop that often comes with significant price tags. Also, GIMP is totally an op-source application.

How to get GIMP running on your PC?

Installing GIMP is a very easy task.  The basic idea that you should know before installing the GIMP is that you should know a little more details about your computer. Generally, you should know the OS that you are running, and check if GIMP is compatible to run on your computer.  You may require free software add-on or update if you are still using the older OS (operating system).

Once you know the OS that you are using on your computer, and then the next step is, download the appropriate version of GIMP for your OS, and run the installer.

How to Download and Install GIMP for Windows

Before installing GIMP, ensure that your computer meets the requirements of GIMP.  If you are not sure which operating system you are using, then follow the below instructions and find the OS that your computer runs. To install GIMP on your computer, you should have Windows XP or any newer version to run the new version of GIMP.

If you don’t know your OS, then to find out, run the newer version of GIMP using Windows XP, and make sure that you have installed the WSPIII (Windows Service Pack III) updates, and it is available for free for Windows.  But, if you are using the latest version of Windows XP64 and Windows, then you don’t need an update.

The first step is download link located at the top of the webpage to Download GIMP.  The newer version of GIMP works with Windows XP or any other newer versions. After downloading the GIMP, open the package and run the installer.  Now, follow the instructions that appear on the windows, then you will finish installing GIMP.

When you start the program for the first time, it may take a couple of minutes to start the program as it loads a lot of the latest stuff on your computer.

How to Install GIMP for Mac

Ensure your Mac computer meet the requirements of GIMP. To install the program in Mac OS, you need 10.5, 10.411, 10.6, 10.8, or 10.7.

The 10.411 and 10.5 version users are eligible to install GIMP 2.6 and 10.6 and above versions can use the newer version of GIMP (GIMP 2.8.4 is the newer version right now)

If you are not sure which OS version you are using for your Mac computer, then follow these instructions:

If you have 10.411 versions, then you will require your original operating system installation disk, which allows you to install an additional resource called X11.  The 10.411 users can use a version of GIMP 2.6.11.  If you are using 10.5 version, then you can install GIMP 28.2 and above.

If you are using 10.7, 10.8, or 10.6 versions, then you can install the newer version of GIMP 2.8.4 and it does not need any additional programs to run the program perfectly on your Mac.

How to download and install Zonealarm safely?

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is one of the famous firewall apps accessible easily.
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How to download and install Firefox safely?

Want to download and install Mozilla Firefox without risk to the safety of your device?
Follow these few steps and it will be easy

What is Firefox ?

Firefox is a free web browser which was found by Mozilla foundation. It is one of the most popular and most widely used web browsers of the world. In many countries, firefox is used as the most trusted browser. People use it as desktop browser in many countries. People using other web brower have recently switched to firefox because of its high speed. This browser is suitable for windows, Mac and Linux operating system.

How to download Firefox ?

Downloading the firefox is very easy and simple process. It can be downloaded for free. However downloading firefox for desktop or android is not similar.

How to download firefox for computer :

Before going to download firefox for your computer you need to be sure that your operating system does support Mozilla firefox web browser.

Here are the simple steps to download firefox in your computer :

  1. First you need to search the firefox page on in any browser.
    download firefox
    Once it is opened, you will see the ‘Free download’ button. If automatic download doesn’t start, you need to click on that button.
  2. After clicking there, you will notice a notification bar asking you whether to run the file or to save it in the computer.
  3. If you click the ‘run’ button, then the process of downloading starts automatically. If you click the save button, then the file will be saved in your computer and you need to open it later.
  4. After the downloading is completed, click the install button to install it.
    install firefox
  5. However, before installation you may be asked for the type of installation you want to make. Installation may be standard or custom. In standard installation, installation is done with all the inbuilt functions and features there in firefox. It’s an automatic process. On the other hand in custom installation, you need to choose everything, like where to keep the firefox icon in your computer, whether to make Mozilla firefox as your default browser or not etc. It can be installed according to your choice. If you make firefox the default browser, then whenever you search something in internet then it will be automatically opened with firefox.
  6. After installation is completed, you can browse in firefox.

This is how firefox is downloaded and installed in computer.

Firefox for mobile :

In order to install firefox web browser in your mobile you need to go to the ‘google play store’ and search for Mozilla firefox. After that you simply tap the install button.
It requires your permission to download.
After getting the permission, download gets started. When downloading is completed, click the open button to work on it.

Be secured :

One should be very careful while working on internet. Hence to be safe and secured, always install the latest version of firefox. Older versions of firefox may not work properly or cannot be opened in all operating system. Thus before going to download Mozilla firefox, be sure about the version.53.0 is the name of the latests version of firefox.

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How to remove Edge from Microsoft Windows 10

What is Edge of Microsoft windows operating system?

In simple words Microsoft edge is the replacement of internet explorer in the Microsoft windows operating system 10. With the invention of Microsoft edge Microsoft has ended the era of internet explorer. Now in the computer having Microsoft windows operating system 10 there won’t be any web browser called internet explorer. This brand new windows will be accompanied with new web browser called Edge. It is the default web browser of Microsoft windows operating system 10. Whenever someone upgrades his or her personal computer to windows 10, edge will be installed automatically with it. It is not only the default browser of computer having windows 10 but the default browser of windows mobiles too.

Features of Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge is a very powerful and fast web browser invented to compete with most popular web browser of the world like Google chrome or Mozilla firefox. It has some salient features which make it different from the others. It is more secured than internet explorer. It is cortana integrated, which will answer the queries of the users. One of the most noteworthy features is that in edge, while you are reading something which interests you, you can, mark or underline the sentences or paragraph directly in the web pages. So in this way edge is totally a new avatar of internet explorer.

How to install Edge in Microsoft windows operating system?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser of Microsoft windows operating system 10. It is installed with windows 10 automatically. It cannot be uninstalled. But one can download internet explorer 11 in the Microsoft windows 10.

How to remove Edge from Microsoft windows 10?

Microsoft Edge is the successor of Internet Explorer in the Microsoft windows operating system. It is the default browser of Microsoft windows 10. But many people do not like it and hence want to uninstall it. Uninstalling or removing of edge is not so easy and it may cause problem in operating system. Or it can be said that it is just impossible to remove Edge from Microsoft windows operating system 10.

Rather you can download Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and make it a default browser of it in order to get rid of it.

Another way to get rid of Edge is by using third party tool. Following are the steps to remove edge from windows 10:

  1. First you need to download uninstall file here
  2. Then extract all the files from zip archive
  3. Then right click on the uninstall edge.cmd file and click on ‘run as administrator’.
  4. When the process is completed then restart the computer.
  5. After resuming, set another browser as the default browser.

However removing Edge may cause destruction to the windows operating system. Thus it is preferable not to remove Edge but make it disable or you may use another web browser in place of it.

How to download and install CCleaner safely?

Cleaner was created by Piriform a London-based software developer, and the app is for running Mac OS X, MS Windows or later version.
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How to download and install VLC?

The VLC media player is an open-source, free portable, streaming media, and cross-platform media player developed by the popular VideoLAN project.
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How to download and install Skype safely?

What is Skype ?

Skype is telecommunication software that is developed to provide voice calls and video chats between tablets, computers, Xbox One console, mobile devices, and Smartwatches through the regular telephone and internet. The program also offers immediate messaging services. The user can convey both video and text messages can also exchange digital data like images, video, and test. This Skype program also allows you to have video conference calls.

You can download and install Skype for free and it is available and tested virus. Now, you can download the Skype fast and get a connection in just a few minutes. Also, the web pages on are consistently improved so you may find changes from time to time. The web pages keep changing whenever there is an update so don’ be surprised to see different kinds of Web pages, which do not match precisely.

Downloading Skype

To download the Skype into your computer, first, select the latest version of Skype, open the browser and enter to open the Skype Home Page. Now, on the home page, press the download button to download the Skype. Once the Skype download into your computer, it will decide the OS and web browser automatically.  After the downloading program is done, on the screen, you will get instructions for what you have to do next.

In case, the download does not start automatically, then you have to start it manually just by pressing the Start Download option.

After pressing the download button, the program will ask you to open or save the SkypeSetup.exe. You must always select to save the file to your hard-drive.  Remember, you should not run or open the program while it is downloading the Skype.

You might have observed that the Skype posts two kids of downloads sometimes, the first one is the regular public version and the other one is the latest beta version. If you haven’t started the download, then it is suggestible to download the general public version because it is considered as more stable.  Eventually, the beta version will soon become the public version, and it allows you to upgrade.

Save it at an easy-to-remember location like Windows Desktop, and press OK, you should remember where you have saved the program so that you can double-click the program file once it is saved.

Installing Skype

Once you have downloaded the Skype program and saved it on your PC, now, to install the program follow these simple steps:

Choose the Skype Setup Program option and double-click the program, or if you have ‘Run’ option, then press that option. If UAC (User Account Control) windows appear on the screen for your permission, then just press continues.  When it launches the installer program, it will ask you to select the language, press the arrow button, and choose from the drop-down list.

The program will ask you to accept the EULA (End User License Agreement). Accept it to continue the installation.  The Skype program also asks you to install various other browser add-on or programs, but it is your choice if you want to install them or not. If you want to avoid, then press ‘Next’ button.


Click I agree — Install

Now, it will ask you to enter your name, a Skype Name/Password. In the next screen, it will ask you to enter your email address, city, and country.  If the Skype Name that you have given already exists, then it will ask you to select another name. Once it accepts the new Skype Name, the process is completed, and the Skype is installed on your computer.  Now, it is ready to use.