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Speed up Your PC under Windows 10

Windows is one of the most widely used computer operating systems, and so far Windows 10 have been the fastest version of the Windows. However, are you looking for the tips that can make it faster? Then read the sections below..

The importance of the speed and ease of working with a PC does not need any definition. We all want a computer that can give us the quickest possible result as this is what a computer is meant to do. However, even with the fastest Windows version, Windows 10, people suffer from a slow and dead PC that not only irritate them but also make them run on the new computer that has an entirely new Windows 10 setup. Some people think that the hardware of the computer is not clean or the Windows is not genuine. Well, these two can be the reason but many other simple tips may help you in speeding up your Windows, and you can get the fastest results ever.
Here we are elaborating some of the tips to speed up your PC, so why not giving some time to check them out?

Clean the unwanted and unused setups and applications

There are tons of applications in our computer that are either of no use or that are not frequently used by you. Hence, you keep the applications that are of use only. All the unwanted applications must be cleaned so that the memory of your computer can be free. You can use that memory to expand your virtual memory whose play a crucial role in speeding up your PC.

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Disable the Cortana and other startup applications

The startup application that put pressure on the CPU right after your computer starts slows down the processing of your Windows, and hence you must disable it by following these steps:
• Go to task manager.
• Select the startup from the top menu.
• For programs you do not use, change the enable options to disable.
In this way, you can stop the startup apps. Also, the Cortana should be disabled as we do not think that you barely use this application of Windows 10 and hence it is another unwanted utility.

Make sure to have each and everything in your PC up to date

Update your windows and drivers that allow you to have a clean and quick service when you are working on the PC. With every update, the speed of the windows and performance increases so make sure to be up to date.

Protect the computer from malware and adware

Keep on checking for the malware and adware on your computer that is hidden. So by using the inbuilt windows defender and other online anti-malware applications, clean all the malware so that your computer remains safe and secure.

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Finally, if nothing is working try ‘backup and restore’

Be very careful, this solution will reset your computer to factory settings ! 
Here is another option to clean your computer thoroughly and then giving it new start. Instead of uninstalling the applications one by one, how about cleaning the memory at once and then restarting the PC with completely fresh memory and system restored settings.