Secret Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to find the fastest methods with the help of which you can not only get your work done quickly but also you can have access to the some of the unique features of your Windows PC then we have some tips and tricks for you.

Windows 10 have come up with many tricks that help you in having work done quickly, and along with that, you can access some of the unique features of your operating system that you have not seen before. On its first anniversary, Windows 10 come up some new tricks and features that allow the people to get quicker work done.
However, to get access to these functions, you must have a Microsoft account synchronized with your Windows, and once it is there, you can achieve many amazing features. Some of these hacks have been stated below so that people can use them and enjoy the special features of the Windows:

1. The ease to select the speaker options.

Not only the speaker of your computer, now you can use the Bluetooth speakers, and the speaker of another device that has been connected to your PC via wired HDMI connection or any wireless connection like Bluetooth. All you need to do is click on the sound icon and choose the suitable speaker to enhance the voice of the computer.

2. Saving the printable document as PDF from the internet.

Now if you do not have a printer available, but any document is needed to saved for printing purpose early one, then you can use ‘Save as PDF’ option when you start the print command.

3. Casting the windows with some other device.

Now there is no requirement of using the chrome cast, but with the help of the Microsoft edge, you can cast the media with the device that DLNA installed in it. The Miracast device can also be used for casting the media from the Edge browser.

4. Customizing the home screen

With the new update, there is new customization option for your home screen with the help of which you cannot only change the theme of your computer but also enhance the vision. Using the dark theme can play a vital role when you want to stay hidden under low brightness and good working environment.

5. A new command Prompt for the developer

Command prompt has now come with different customizable options that will not only allow you to change the size of text but the text can have its various features like bold, italic and much more that help the developer in programming. A new developer tab has been added that assist them to have access to the different developing options when your machine is used for as developing hub.
There are many shortcuts, vivid features, and applications that help you to have a safe and quick work done. You can get access to the Microsoft cloud and search different Microsoft devices as well. There are tons of shortcuts that are available, and hence one should study and research more to get access to all these different tips and tricks.

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