Best free cloud sites to store your data

You do not have enough storage space on your computer ? Want to store your data without the hassle of an external hard drive, a PC or a USB flash drive? Want to be able to access this data by having a simple access to Internet and from any workstation, PC, Tablet, Android, phone?

Then the Cloud service is the solution, it will allow you to archive up to 25 gigabytes and for free!

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How to Download and Install Dropbox Safely?

Dropbox is a file hosting service provided by Dropbox Inc., located in San Francisco, California. It is designed to provide file synchronization, cloud storage, client software, and personal cloud. Continue reading “How to Download and Install Dropbox Safely?”

Subway surfers secrets

Subway Surfers has been a craze amongst mobile phone gamers for many years now. From kids to adults of all ages, there is hardly anyone with a smartphone who has never ever played the game. It’s a kickass game that can be played on a variety of mobile platforms and has kept millions of players addicted to it. The game mainly involves running around the various subway tracks (while being chased by a fat cop) collecting as much coins as possible and completing achievements. To be on the leaderboard, you have to get a very good score at the game and that is quite easily possible if you follow our tips and tricks.

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How to clean install Windows 10

This is tutorial on how to clean install windows 10 on your Laptop or Desktop. You can either watch this video tutorial on how to install Windows 10.

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BullGuard Antivirus Review

While buying any antivirus software you must have some sort of expectation in your mind. Normally you would be looking for anti-malware software that will allow you to quick scan your machine and also will fully protect your system from dangerous websites. BullGuard Antivirus is one such program that not only sticks to the basic requirements but also adds a few new features like anti-spam filter as well. All these basic requirements and few additional features are the facts which make it one of the best antivirus programs.

Malware Blocking

Malware blocking is the primary job of this antivirus. It can block any sort of malware entering to your system. It does not matter if the malware is trying to get into your system from any web source or an external device; it will surely scan it and block it immediately and will terminate any program that has the similar kind of threat to your system.

Phishing Protection

Phishing is an old technique to get into your system or emails. This antivirus is capable enough to check your emails and notifications to find any kind of intrusion and it can block any possible threat to your system.

Spam Filter

One of the important features that any antivirus wishes to provide is Spam filtering. But normally this feature is only available with the premium version of the antivirus. But BullGuard allows you to use this feature with the standard version for free. Normally, all the email providers and web mail services work hard to keep the spam out of your emails, but still, if you need a local help on your system, this is the go to software for sure.

Safe Browsing

The safe browser from the antivirus product is a way of keeping you safe from any kind of dangerous activities on the internet. It makes sure that you do not visit any website that is potentially harmful. Also, this antivirus marks all those good links on the different websites so that you can know which ones are good to visit and which ones are not. The links which are safe to visit are marked as green and the ones which might be malicious are marked as red. If you point towards these marks, it will show you the details of the website and the kind of threat it can be to your system. But the only problem is, you will not get any full report on those websites which are marked as potentially harmful.

Tests Results


Protection Score : [star rating=”5″]

Performance Score : [star rating=”4,5″]

Usability Score : [star rating=”4″]

Source : av-test-org the independent testing labs


  • Full scan : Very good as a virus scanning tool.
  • Really good for Anti-phishing.
  • It can protect your machine from any kind of malicious website URL.
  • Spam filter works really nicely.


  • Sometimes the malware removal fails completely.
  • Spam filter works only with 90% accuracy.
  • Virus scanning for the whole system works a lot slower than the other anti-viruses.


So, if you are looking for a standard free anti-virus program then it is time that you switch to BullGuard Anti-Virus and see the difference it can make to the performance of your system. If you like the standard version, buy the premium version for a better performance.

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How to download and install Filezilla safely?

FileZilla is a powerful software that allows you to transfer files through the internet.
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Forgot Password Windows 7

If you forgot your Windows 7 password, then don’t worry, it happens to many users. Generally, the individuals use complicated passwords so that it is not easy to guess for hackers, but, in the process, you will make more difficult passwords that you tend to forget easily.
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Some of the Snapchat Secrets you don’t know about

Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in the list of popular social media platforms. Taking pictures quickly and sharing them with the world has never been so easy. One of the amazing platforms to share your life events instantly and also maintains the privacy of your updates.

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