Norton security standard 2017 Review

Well, if you compare in the market, Symantec has been really a well-known company that has successfully created most successful of the brands in the fields of antivirus and Norton Security Standard is not an exception. The whole suite is a great package for the windows users. For the Mac users, they also get a suite instead of just the antivirus. For the Android users, the support is good and the iOS one is not that well versed. Overall the performance of Norton Security Standard has really amazed the users and it works so well that, you might want to trust it with your eyes shut.


New Protection Layers

With time Symantec has moved towards layered approach when it comes to the protection of a system. They understand that antivirus needs to work fast and stop attacks at the very beginning level. Once a virus is through to your disk, it becomes difficult to get it away from your system. This is why they have introduced an all new layered approach that will make sure that your system is always 2 steps ahead of the virus.

Intelligent Firewall

Norton Security comes with a 2-way firewall that can protect you from any kind of intrusion. If you do not like your windows firewall, you can completely trust on this firewall and your data will be safe behind the walls for sure. With this firewall on, nothing unauthorized gets in or goes out of your system.

Android Protection

The android protection is a must as most of the users are having Android smartphones these days. With a mobile suite built specially for Android phones, it becomes really easier for you to take care of your phones and protect your data from any kind of harm.

Suite for Mac OS

This is the real catch of the newest version of the Norton Security. This is because, in this version, the Mac users can enjoy a whole suite package which can be really useful for them. Initially, they only had the antivirus but now with the suite, they can access the internet without any kind of problems at all.

Tests Results


Protection Score : [star rating=”5″]

Performance Score : [star rating=”5″]

Usability Score : [star rating=”5″]

Source : av-test-org


  • When it comes to blocking the malicious URLs, Norton comes really first. With its all new layered approach, it becomes easier for the antivirus to stop any sort of malware program.
  • When it comes to stopping the phishing methods, Norton also passes with flying colors.
  • Spam filtering works smoothly for any server and any email client.
  • The firewall settings are really effective and can be a good alternative to the windows default firewall.
  • Password management tool works smoothly
  • Optimizes system performances and keeps your system clean.
  • Powerful online management for the Android and other devices while connecting online.


  • The only problem with this antivirus is that the protection level for the iOS devices is really low.


So, if you are looking for a total package for your system to protect your data and activities over internet, then Norton is the best program that you can opt for.

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