Mac : Reset Your Mac as Originally

If you want to replace your Mac desktop or laptop computer, the main thing that you need to do before selling your old Mac computer is clear the entire personal data from your computer. You don’t want to sell your Mac to another person along with all your personal details and information.

However, it is easy to clear all the information and personal details from a Mac before you sell it to another owner. Also, it is crucial to remove the personal details as you don’t want to reveal your personal information to a stranger or leave it open to steal your identity. You should remember that if selling your old Mac, just removing personal data alone is not enough, you should also make sure that the macOS the working version of operating system installed after removing the complete details from your computer so that the user you will buy your computer can use it immediately.


Back up your Mac Information:

If you have bought a new Mac already, then you can transfer all the information from your old Mac to the new computer or use an older TM (Time Machine) backup. In case, you have yet to buy a new computer, then you must try to back up all the data on a different device so that you will not have any issues later on.
Ensure that you are computer or laptop is connected to the internet that allows you to download the new copy of the Mac OS that is able to run on your device. This process is for the macOS High Sierra, however, for the older Mac computer may need a previous version of Mac OS X.

Sign out of everything:

On your Mac computer, the software that you get is licensed to you, that means the software cannot be transferred to the new users of your computer, except the OS. To prevent the problems with the new user attempting to download the software and install it that is licensed by you, ensure to sign out of everything that is related to your personal information.

How to sign out of iTunes:

– On your Mac, open iTunes
– On the Menu bar, press Account located on the left side of your screen.
– Now, press Sing Out

How to sign out of iMessage:

– On your Mac, open Messages
– Press Messages that you find in the Menu bar placed on the left side top corner of your screen
– Press down-drop menu and select Preferences
– Choose your iMessage account
– Press Sign Out.

Reformat your hard drive:

After the data from your Mac, is secured and you have signed out from everything that is related to your personal information, then you can remove everything on it by re-formatting your computer hard drive.

Restart your Mac: If the startup disc starts running, then hold Command +R keys together, now, your Mac computer will boot into macRecover. Choose the Disk Utility and press, continue.

Erasing your startup disk:

Once the process is finished, choose QDU (Quit Disk Utility) from the drop-down list select Disk Utility to reformat your hard drive.