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List of Best 7 Bio Link tools For Instagram

Instagram bio is the first noticeable thing when someone visits your profile. With the bio, people assume your identity. So, it becomes crucial to choose a perfect bio that matches your profile. Write up a bio, which is impressive to the audience viewing your profile and get more followers credited.

When did you update your Instagram bio last time? Do you update it regularly, weekly, or monthly? Now, the Instagram profile has become a homepage among people. So, it becomes crucial to put a good bio on Instagram since it attracts your potential followers.

Everyone who operates an Instagram account knows that there is only one place to add one link in the bio. Moreover, it is not possible to mention links in the Instagram post. This is the reason why users end the caption writing “check the link in the bio.” It becomes a limitation for the marketers.

  1. Shorby app

This app is a blend of two tools. With the first tool, a user can target the people who have clicked on the links created by you. With the second tool, a user can enjoy a maximum advantage as it enables a user to attain the most with the bio link present on Instagram.

shorby bio link

It is the second tool that enables a user to enjoy creating pages (customize page) and get them completed by several other multiple links so that the users can easily make an interactive. It features several things, including unlimited clicks, customization, 3-unlimited bio-links, tracking links, unlimited links, and so on.

  1. Bio app

When searching for the advanced Instagram bio Link is the best option. Users who want to recreate their accounts on Instagram can choose this app. It works by recreating the account on the page (landing page) which enables a user to mention one or multiple links on every individual post.

It can be the best bio link generator tool that allows adding multiple links to your Instagram feed with a limit of up to 5 links on every post. If you want to obtain a link tracking feature, then this app works best.

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  1. Thrive Architect app

Thrive Themes have developed a page building tool with WordPress association, namely, Thrive Architect.

thrive architect

This app enables a user to create full paged for landing using 200 eye-catching templates and a drag-drop editing feature. For enjoying pre-created styles and customized styles, don’t go anywhere other than Thrive Architect.

  1. Linktree application

Linktree provides a free trial version that enables a user to use unlimited links, pick a theme from ample options and other features.

linktree app

Also, you can switch to a paid account and avail of the eye-catching features of it. This app allows you to re-target, track links, scheduled links, integrate email, and so on.

  1. Leadpages

This landing tool appears in the top-ranked list of Instagram bio Link tools. With this tool, you can create landing pages. It works best for Instagram users since there is no compulsion to own a website.

leadpages bio link

It features A/B testing, ROI statistics, drag-drop, integrating email marketing, integrating with WordPress and so on.

  1. Bio by Later 

For the advanced version of the “Instagram bio link,” by later is an amazing option. With this tool, you can enjoy the flexibility of recreating your account (Instagram account).


This is helpful when there is a need to add more links on each post and more than one link on the post. It features scheduled links, link tracking, adding links to the feed, and so on.

  1. ShortStack tool

Among the landing page builders, ShortStack has emerged as a popular tool specialized in the field of campaigns used in marketing.

shortstack tool

It features more than 60 templates, 10 marketing campaigns, unlimited emails, contests optimization, and so on. The most loving feature is a drag-and-drop editor.  


With Instagram’s bio, you can easily attract the audience and double your followers. Though, it is only possible when you choose a powerful bio with proper links mentioned in it. For this work, you can take help from the Instagram bio Link tools!

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