How to Save work on a Mac

When you save a new document for the first time, then these 2-menu-options works the similar method and save as a dialog box, in this box you can type the file name for your new file and save it as a field. At the where field, you can choose the file folder that allows you to save fresh/new files.

The files will be saved are the default location and it will vary as it depends on the program that you are using. Most of these programs that are installed on all new Macs contain a special folder that saves the files by default. With the finder feature, you can locate the folders for documents, music, movies, and photos on the hard drive. Each folder is utilized by the program will be saved at the default. For Instance, iPhoto saves picture or image trade into the photo folder, while the move will the movie project into the movie folder.
Along with the default save location, you can as well save a file on your hard drive on another location by using the drop-down menu located next to the Where field. The drop-down menu will also show where you have saved the most recent file in the folder.
You can press the down arrow located on the right of the Save-as-field to show a little Finder window. This finder window allows you to go through your hard drive until you will find the folder where you wish to save your file.
Some of the programs like Microsoft Word offers several options and permits you to include a file extension to the file, and in the MS Word, it is called AFE (Append File Extension). Also, you should include the file extension; the users of Windows cannot be able to open the files that you sent them from your Mac.
Also, in another option, the Save As a box of some programs permits you to copy movie and audio files into the documents just by marking the checkbox. If you are using a Keynote or Pages, you can select this option to have your document and all the compact files used in it and saved as one file. This option makes it easy to shift the file to various other locations or to send it through email to another individual.
After saving a new document and provided a file name, then you can save changes by selecting File, and press Save. Every time, you save the word document, the text on the file will be overwritten with the opened version. Some programs, like MS Word, and it will automatically save the document at normal intervals with Autosave built-in feature in the program. It is significant to do regular saves to prevent your content from being lost. In case, your application collapses while you are writing a document and if you haven’t saved in a while, the app will able to get the content that you have typed before you saved the document for the last time. Anything that you have typed after the save point will not be there, and you cannot recover the lost content.