How to know what takes up space on my PC

How to find folders that take you the most memory? Do you store unnecessary files on your computer?

We’ll give you some tips to make some cleaning and recover some valuable bytes!

Duplicate photo folders, forgotten movie folders that no one will longer look at, you certainly have several lost gigabytes that overload your hard drive.

For an intelligent cleaning of your storage space, we have two free software to offer: WinDirStat or TreeSize free. Choose one, their purpose remains the same: allow you to view busy and overloaded areas of your hard drive.

LinkTreeSize free


Link : WinDirStat


WinDirStat or TreeSize free will analyze your folders and tell you its size, the percentage occupied, will count down the subfolders and the dates of the last changes.

The analysis they perform takes a little time as they unroll the tree of each directory, then you can choose the stored items to delete such as your folders, multimedia files, photos, videos, music, cache, virtual machine etc. .