How to Get More Instagram Followers

Get Free Instagram Followers Without Completing any Survey or Verification

So you want thousands of followers on your IG account without having to complete the survey? No problem at all! It is relatively easy to get tons of followers. All you need to know how?

All you have to set up a beautiful account with a particular purpose or theme into consideration.

Next, you have to take some funny, exciting and exotic photos and tag them properly. Lastly yet most importantly, learn some important tricks to increase number of followers.

Get more instagram followers

Start Following

Like Photos

The first and foremost step to gain more Instagram followers is by liking the photos of people as many as possible. Scroll down through the home feed and like all the photos of your friends. Hopefully, more people will start following you who haven’t been following your account back.

  • On the Explore page, look for the most popular pictures. Like some of them or all because these accounts are likely to have plenty of followers and some might want to follow you.
  • Next up, you have to search for the photos of places, things or people you like, with hashtags. For instance, you may search for Eiffel Tower on Instagram. This way, you have to type something like #EiffelTower, #latoureiffel, or #Paris. You have to like as many photos as you can.
  • If you want lots of followers on your account quickly, you have to look for the most popular and widely used tags like #like4like, #followme, #instadaily. Scroll through the pictures in the feed and double tap to like when you go.
  • Use several tags until you like around thousands of pictures. It may seem little extreme. If you do it daily, you are assured to get number of followers rising quickly and you can set yourself on the way to thousands of followers.

Comment on Photos

You shouldn’t just like photos of people, but you also need to comment on them. It can add more personal touch on them and people will be flattered with your Instagram comments and get more urged to follow you. You cannot comment on all the pictures liked by you. But you have to do it for as many as you can.

Your comment shouldn’t be too long. It can be as simple as “loved this” or “nice pic” which will be enough.  You may also add even more personal comment, such as “I really loved your hair. I wish I could get mine like that” or “Good job! I loved the lighting in your picture”.

Add Questions, CTAs or Comments to Pictures

It is true that 90% of Instagram is based on pictures. But you shouldn’t overlook the power of words. Caption your pictures with clever, funny or unique questions or comments to engage with followers and gain new followers.

Explain a bit of what inspired you and what this post is about. Or you can just mention the location where it is taken. Keep it as little as few sentences as people don’t like to read captions that are too long.

You may consider asking questions because they will encourage more people to comment on the posts and it looks nice to your potential followers. It could be as easy as liking the picture of coffee shop with caption “Is anyone been here ever?” You can also snap a photo of shoes and ask which one to wear today.

Also add calls to action (CTAs) to the posts. Suppose you are posting the picture of cat in awkward post, you may write “I would like to see all your cats in crazy positions. Post yours with hashtag #awkwardcats.” This way, followers will be encouraged to take theirs with your hashtag.

Post on Regular Basis, Not Too Frequently

If you never post your photos, you shouldn’t expect people to follow you.

You have to be active on Instagram and stay ahead of latest trends. Post at least 1 to 3 photos daily in order to keep audience engaged and be sure to have something yours in the feed. Don’t post pictures just for posting photos.

They must be unique and beautiful on their own. Don’t post a lot of pictures everyday and don’t post more than one photo at a time. Avoid stuffing the news feeds of your followers which they don’t like.

They might want to unfollow you if you overdo it.


You have to post your photos at the right time. You may have the funniest, most beautiful and coolest pic ever.

But if it is posted when there is no one online, the number of people will be limited who will see it and it can reduce the chances to gain more followers. You have to consider your followers’ patterns and their habits.

A lot of people are used to check their profile in the morning, before work or school, and in evening when they get back home, and when they are stuck in traffic jam or on the train.

If you post on right time in relevant time zone, you are more likely to grab attention for the pictures.

As per the survey by Simply Measure, the best time to post is Wednesday evenings from 5 pm to 6 pm when most of the users are online. You can also use Statigram and other apps to find out the best time to use Instagram among the followers and it can help you find out when you should post content.

Keep in mind that any post can have a window of up to 4 hours to grab Instagram likes, comments and followers before it gets buried in news feed of people.


It is yet another great technique to gain real Instagram followers. You can give Shoutouts yourself. Beware; it may also cause people to un-follow you.

Shoutout is actually grabbing attention of your followers to the account of another person. You may mention them in a post and ask your followers to follow them. It exposes them to a whole new group of followers they haven’t reached before. Once you do it for someone, they will also return back the favor.

For a celebrity, popular user with thousands of followers or a leading brand, the ideal situation to give a shoutout is to increase your number of followers and your Instagram craze.

But it is quite rare for it to occur. But you can pay Instagram celebs to promote your page with websites like Klout and QuickShouts. But you shouldn’t beg or spam large accounts for s4s.

It would reduce the chances of getting it.  In order to give a shoutout to someone, all you have to mention them in comment. If the username is “doglover”, you have to write “this post is dedicated to @doglover – follow him!” on a comment.

In order to give superb shoutout, you may consider taking screenshot of the user profile of a person and post the screenshot on your official Instagram, tell your followers why they need to follow them. It is the best promotion for the account of that user.

When it comes to receive shoutouts, you can find the user (who posts content relevant to yours) and comment on their photos, asking for #shoutout and say “follow me so I will follow you back”.

Decorate Your Account

Choose a Theme for Account

The accounts likely to get lots of followers are usually those that stick to a specific theme. Accounts posting just about daily life may not gain much traction than an interesting account.

You have to choose a theme most people can relate to. Your followers may assure that they would get the things they truly like, instead of having bunch of random or weird photos.

If you have passion for something, be sure to post it as theme for your account. Some of the popular themes are fitness, animals, food, fashion, photography and motivational quotes.

You obviously don’t need to choose a theme. Some accounts earn popularity especially for posting cool photos of random and weird things.

If you have sharp eyes for really a great shot, you may take amazing pictures that people love, despite the theme. You also need to keep in mind that you can have multiple Instagram accounts. If you want, you can have one account for your own pictures and one to post pictures according to a theme.

Pick a Good Profile Pic and Username

Your profile pic and username are other things you have to decide when it comes to create your account. Be sure to keep profile pic and user name relevant to your account theme.

It can give a good insight to your followers about what to expect from a particular account before they actually visit. Suppose your account is based on fitness, you may post your picture sporting a workout gear. If it is related to architecture, you may use any artsy photo of the building you like.

If the account is just related to your personal life, you may take a nice selfie that truly adds up to your personality. You may be crossing your eyes or wearing Mickey Mouse eyes. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just be sure that you use photo which can connect with your audience. The same stands true to your user name. It should be relevant to your content. Be sure to avoid a lot of x’s or underscores because your account may look spam.

Don’t Leave Bio Empty

It is important to fill in the bio section on your profile. Your potential followers will read it to decide whether they should follow you or not.

You have to make it relevant to the account and tell users what to expect from your account. For instance, “Movie Buff. Expect posts about entertainment, movies, celebs, gossips etc.” You can also add a quick snapshot of what you are, such as “Coffee Lover”, “Fitness Freak” or “Fashion Lover”.

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You can also promote the tags you like on your bio, such as #Follow4Follow or s4s on your personal hashtag – a phrase or nickname to describe you and that you want to add in all of your photos.  Suppose, Daniel is your name and you love to post some of your party pictures.

This way, you may use the hashtag #partyanimaldaniel. You might grab more attention of your followers and friends if you are lucky.

Find Friends to Follow You

Now you have set up your account. You may want to find out some of the users and friends you like to follow.

  1. On Settings section of your page, select “Find People to Follow”. Import friends from your phone contacts and Facebook page.
  2. Now you can connect with your known contacts with this idea as they are more likely to follow you. If you have plenty of Facebook friends, you can easily get your first dozens of followers without any effort.
  3. Now you can tap on the option “Instagram Suggested’. This way, you can find out who you should follow, according to the popularity of accounts featured. You may choose a few of the accounts with your favorite content. You may also head to “Explore” section and use hashtags and user names to find people you want to follow. It is the best way to look for accounts of celebrities to follow.
  4. Keep in mind that you should have more people in “Followers” section than in “Following”. If you follow a lot of people, your news feed may be clogged and you might miss the posts you like.
  5. People love following those who already have lots of followers. If they find that you follow several people but you are followed by some, they may be disappointed to follow you.

Connect your IG Account with Other Accounts

If you are active in social media, it is always wise to connect your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.  Every time you post something on Instagram, it will appear also in other accounts automatically. This way, you can gain wider reach for the picture and you can gain more new followers. On Instagram account, go to “Settings” and then select “Sharing Settings”. This way, you can find the list of social networks to connect with, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Flickr.

Select each of the social accounts you want to sync with Instagram. You may have to enter your user and password for each of your accounts. Now your accounts will be synced. You can also undo it anytime. You can just uncheck the boxes.


Take Photos that are Relatable

Be sure to make your photos as relatable and unique as possible. Though it’s not that simple, you have to at least try not to take photos of subjects overdone, like cats, dogs, latte art. Don’t bore your followers with #selfies because people always scroll over such types of pictures rather than stopping for second look. Instead, you have to take unique pictures that have a lot of potential to develop emotion or human connection, whether it is the pic of an old lady on a bus or a picturesque sunset on the beach.

Use Natural Lighting

Natural light is ideal to show the best of your pictures. Even though your smartphone has flash, don’t take pictures at night or indoors. You should shoot pictures besides a window or outdoor early in the morning or evening before sun sets. Light is prettiest and softest during this time.

Look for Symmetry

Symmetry is something human eye loves, be it shooting a building, face or a landscape. Be sure to keep your shots symmetrical. Keep the subject of the photo at the center.

Be Simple

When capturing an object, such as old record or a teacup, be sure to set it off the plain background. A busy background can remove the focus from the subject.

Consider Interesting Perspectives

Be sure to take the photos from an unusual or new perspective. It may force your followers to study the photo. You may play with angles and point camera to focus on roofs, treetops, birds or even the sky. You can also place camera closely to the surface like inside the pomegranate, bark of the tree or anything.

Use Some Third-Party Collage Apps

With the help of photo collage apps like PicStitch, InstaCollage, etc, you may always combine several photos in single post. If you like to post several relevant shots with each other like entrée, appetizer, and dessert, it would be nice.

Choose the Best Filters

Filters are among the best things Instagram can offer. You can add several filters to the photos and they may look even more colorful, classy, beautiful, exotic or polished. If you have a specific style or theme, it is ideal to choose two or three filters you love and stick to use just them. You can get uniform style to the account and it may look even professional. It may influence the decision of your upcoming follower.

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