How to Download and Install 7-Zip Safely?

7-Zip is an open-source and free file recorder, a program that is used to place a collection of files within condensed containers called as Archives. 


What is 7-Zip ?

The 7-zip program is developed by Igor Pavlov and it was first released in the year 1999. 7-Zip utilizes its own 7Z archive design, but, it can also read and write various other archive designs. The 7-Zip program can be utilized from a duty-line interface as the command p7zip or from a graphical user interface that contains shell integration.  Most of the source code of 7-Zip is under the GNU LGPL license, but, the unRAR code is under the GNU LGPL and comes with an unRAR restriction.  This proves that the developers are not allowed to use the code overturn the RAR CA (Compression Algorithm)

How to Download and Install 7-Zip ?

Now, to download the 7-Zip, go to the home page and pick the version of 7-zip that you want to download.

Once you select the version and downloaded the version, now just press “Save File.”

If the 7-Zip install file fails to run automatically, then run manually and open the 7-Zip executable file.

7-zip install file:

When you want to install the program, in a new window, it will ask in what directory you want to install the program. Now, you can select the directory to save the 7-Zip program. Once you select the folder, press install button.

7-zip installation path:

  • Choose the folder exactly where you want to save the 7-Zip program
  • Once you select the folder, press install button
  • After the installing is complete, now, press “Finish” button

How to open 7Z files:

Save the 7-Zip file to the desktop. When you downloaded your compressed file from a website, then the file might be saved in your user directory or documents in the download folder.

Open WinZip from your Desktop shortcut or Start Menu, and now, click file open and to open the compressed file. If your computer contains compressed file extension related to WinZip program, then you just need to click on the file twice.

You can select all the folder and files inside the compressed file or you can as well select multiple folders or files that you want to open, then press and hold the CTRL key and click on the left button.

  • To unzip the file, select unzip to Cloud or PC in the WinZip toolbar that is found under the Share tab/Unzips.
  • Select the destination file to put the all the extracting file and press “Unzip” button.
  • Now, find your extracted program file in the end folder.

7- Zip creates archives 7z format by default with a .7z file extension.  Each archive file can have multiple files and directories.  You can use a stacked blend of filters as container security, format, or size reduction.  It can exist in compression algorithms, pre-processors, and encryption filter.  Install the 7-Zip program today and get organized.