ESET Smart Security Antivirus Review

With the online world getting populated day by day, the users have to deal with a different kind of issue. These days everyone is facing a problem of malware and virus. This is why it is recommended that you use a good antivirus to protect your system from the intruders. ESET Smart Security is one such antivirus that can protect your system from the intruders for sure.


About ESET Smart Security

With the all new update. Smart security has become one of the best in the market. With the all new password management feature and other security protocols, this has really topped the review lists of the antivirus.

The menu is really simple and you can easily access all your required features from the menu. During the installation, it will check your system for any other compatible version or any such similar software and will accordingly. Along with that, after the installation is complete it will once check for the malicious content in your system and this will keep your system secure from the beginning. You can also install separately the Data Encryption module, password manager and also Anti-Theft manager.

It can block all the malicious content even before you can open the URL. If there is a problem with the URL, it will block the website and will not allow you to enter. Also while downloading any file, it checks it and certifies if the file is secure to download or not. But you can always override the decision for sure.

Password Manager

The password manager of Smart Security is a great introduction to the system. It can sync your password amongst multiple systems and can work fine as well. But there is no mobile support for this anti-virus as of yet. You can also use the sticky password to keep your Wi-Fi free from any kind of intrusion.

Data Encryption

While sending any sensitive document or data, it is always important to have the secured data transfer. But this antivirus encrypts the data and makes sure that the data transfer is secured with the encryption. This allows you to send data more frequently and more freely than ever. Also setting up the data encryption is easy and you can do it as and when required.


It is a very common feature in today’s antivirus and this one is not an exception. With an advanced technique of anti-theft protection, this one is really reliable overall. It can access your machine remotely, but it can surely stop any kind of theft action which is unauthorized.


  • Lab tests are good compared to the other antivirus.
  • Comes with the password manager
  • Encryption technique used is really of high class
  • Can protect your data from theft.


  • The antiphishing technique is not that high quality.
  • The parent control facility is limited.
  • No pricing for multiple licenses


So, you can get all the basic things in this antivirus and a few features that you might not have anticipated at all. This antivirus is very good and goes above expectation for sure. But the price range is a bit too high for the general users.

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