AVG internet security Review 2017

With the technological advancement, people have started using the internet in every step of their work. Be it sending an email to your client or maybe search a restaurant, in every step you need to use the internet. Like every other thing, the internet also has its bad sides. Using an unsecured network to access the internet may cause you to lose your data and also viruses may enter into your system, which may cause a lot of issues in the near future.

This is exactly where you need to take help from an antivirus and when it comes to the internet security; you might not find a better option than AVG antivirus.



The first thing that you expect from an antivirus as an internet security program is that, it will be successfully able to stop any virus entering your system while you are using the internet on your system. But AVG takes this one step forward and it prevents any virus entering your system even if you are not on the internet. It scans every single external device connected to your system for potential viruses, thus making sure that your system is out of danger all the time.

Simple Firewall

To tackle the modern day viruses, the default firewall is not really enough these days. The AVG has an inbuilt firewall as well. You can configure it to your convenience so that it can stop any unwanted data from going out or coming in.

Encrypted Data Safe

Your data is very important to you and AVG understands that better than anyone. This is the reason why it comes with a data encryption technology. With this, you can keep your data safe even if someone stole your laptop.

Simple Antispam

If you are using POP3 and IMAP to have your emails redirected from a server to your mobile or may be a PC, then you need to have AVG with you. This antivirus surely can stop spam contents and it works really fine.


This antivirus is available for multiple platforms. You can use it on PC, android smartphone and on MAC as well. You can even connect your mobile phone with your PC and scan for viruses directly without even using the antivirus app.

Tests Results


Protection Score : [star rating=”5″]

Performance Score : [star rating=”4″]

Usability Score : [star rating=”5″]

Source : av-test-org


  • You can use it on any device except iOS. This antivirus really runs smoothly on any device and do not cause it to hang or get slow anyway.
  • It comes with an encrypted data facility to protect your sensitive data.


This antivirus cannot work against the malicious URLs and thus does not offer any security in terms of malicious viruses.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you need to buy this antivirus. It does not consume too much electricity either and that is what makes it important. This antivirus is really good against the viruses and also can provide you a nice firewall to prevent any unwanted interruption from the outside. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready today and see what difference it can make to your system in terms of overall internet security.

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