How to install and run exe files on your Android Smartphone

This is tutorial on how to install and run exe file on your Android Smartphones.
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How to download and install Internet Explorer safely?

What is internet explorer ?

Internet explorer is a web browser which comes with Microsoft windows operating system. However it’s not a default browser of Microsoft windows. It is one of the most widely used free web browsers of the world. You can download internet explorer with other add on software of it in the web pages of Microsoft for free. Till now internet explorer has released 11 versions of it.

How to download Internet explorer latest version ?

Internet explorer latest browser can be found in Microsoft download center.
For this, one needs to open the Microsoft web site and search for the internet explorer. But for the current version of internet explorer, you must have the updated version of operating system in his or her computer too. The latest version of internet explorer cannot be opened with the older version of an operating system.

Internet explorer 11 is the last version of this web browser which comes with Microsoft windows OS 8 and 10. Therefore if you already have these two operating systems in your computer, then you need not download the internet explorer 11. Computer having windows 7 operating system needs to download this web browser.

Internet explorer 11 has many inbuilt features and tools. At present Microsoft windows OS supports only the latest version of internet explorer. Microsoft having windows 7 or higher than it support only the latest version of it.

In order to download internet explorer 11, you needs to visit the Microsoft webpage and search for it or click here to direct access.
download internet explorer

Do one of the following:
To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location
To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk

run ie11

There you will see ‘Get internet explorer’ box. You need to click on it. Below this box you will see another box asking you whether to make Bing your default search engine and MSN your default home page. Bing and MSN are two inbuilt features of internet explorer. If you want it then tick the box. And if you are happy with your current setting then do not tick that box. After that downloading will start and you will be asked whether to run or save the file. If you click on Run then installation will continue on its own. Once it is completed you may be asked to restart the computer. Once your computer is resumed the shortcut icon of internet explorer will be placed in your desktop screen and you will be able to browse by clicking on it.

Internet explorer ‘add on’ software :

Internet explorer comes with some extra software’s which are known as Add on services of internet explorer. These make internet explorer faster, easier and less complicated.

Bing bar is one of such add on.

Advanced Internet explorer history bar is another such add on, which help the user to find the previous websites they visited.

Speckie is another very important add on of internet explorer. It is spelling checker, which shows errors by underlining the specific word. Apart from these there are ‘The parental control bar’, ‘The free dictionary’ etc. which are installed with the internet explorer and make browsing easy.

Secret Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to find the fastest methods with the help of which you can not only get your work done quickly but also you can have access to the some of the unique features of your Windows PC then we have some tips and tricks for you.

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Candy Crush Soda secrets

Candy Crush Soda is the follow up of the Candy Crush Saga, released by the game producer King. This game combines many features of the original mobile game as well as newer innovative ones. It is very easy to pick up and gets quite interesting in a very short span of time. The cool improvements to the game include the different direction in which the candies can be moved, unlike other games where they can only fall down. The game also catches up steam pretty fast, thus getting more challenging with each subsequent level.

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How to install exe files on your Ubuntu Desktop

This is tutorial on how to install and run exe or .msi file on your Ubuntu Desktop /  Laptop.
Windows Installer Packages or files with .exe or .msi extension are intended to be installed on Windows Operating System like Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 etc. or you can use Dos Box to install them. Continue reading “How to install exe files on your Ubuntu Desktop”

Google Chrome secrets you don’t know

Want to delete your browsing history without leaving a trace!? Browse the internet without leaving traces on your computer?  Recover a password stored in Google Chrome?
Easy … by reading this post!

Delete your browsing history without leaving a trace!

Cleaning history is important, especially after you log on to public computers, here’s how to manually delete the search history:

    • On the Google Chrome page, click the small wrench at the top right of the browser. Then, from the menu, choose the Options tab.
    • Choose the last tab “Advanced Options”.

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    How to download and install Chrome safely

    Want to download and install Google Chrome without risk to the safety of your device?
    Follow these few steps and it will be easy

    What is Chrome ?

    Chrome is a free web browser, very popular and effective, you are more than 40% using it to browse the internet. In many countries, Chrome is used as the most trusted browser. This browser is suitable for windows, Mac and Linux operating system.

    How to download Chrome ?

    Downloading Google Chrome is very easy and simple process. It can be downloaded for free. However downloading Chrome for desktop or android is not similar.

    Here are the simple steps to download Chrome in your computer


    • Click on “download Chrome”
      install chrome
    • Click “Accept and install”
    • Click the downloaded file “ChromeSetup.exe”
      launch chrome
    • A security message will appear, click on “run”
    • Wait a few minutes…and you’re done, chrome is installed !

    Chrome for mobile:

    In order to install Google Chrome web browser in your mobile you need to go to the ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store’ and search for Google Chrome. After that you simply tap the install button.
    It requires your permission to download.
    After getting the permission, download gets started. When downloading is completed, click the open button to work on it.

    Be secured:

    One should be very careful while working on internet. Hence to be safe and secured, always install the latest version of Chrome.

    How to download and install Duolingo safely?

    Duolingo is the biggest learning platform for online language in the world.
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    Minecraft secrets

    Surviving in Minecraft could be quite difficult, especially for the beginners who do not have good knowledge on what works for the game and what does not. Throughout the game, you can come across big desert biomes and very tall mountains. Things can get even more difficult, especially if you do not have an enough supply of animals or resources. However, there are a few tips that increase your chances of survival even though chances look bleak. These tips will make the game a lot easier, especially if you are a beginner.

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